15th February 2018


Scunthorpe faced their next fixture in the Lincolnshire County Men’s Over 60’s League at home against a tricky visiting Lincoln ‘B’ team a fixture that always proves to be difficult to obtain points from. The Scunthorpe team were looking for revenge after losing to Lincoln ‘B’ when they visited Lincoln in the opposite fixture four weeks ago and lost 16 to 2 points.

The match started with the home Scunthorpe team settling straight into the game and building themselves an early overall lead of 28 to 16 shots and by the mid-point of the match had extended it to lead by 46 to 32 shots. However in the second half of the encounter the Lincoln team started to reduce slightly the home teams advantage but were unable to sustain it as the Scunthorpe team held on to a 77 to 58 shots lead. In the final stages of the encounter although the visiting Lincoln team bowled well and made every effort to secure the victory it was a confident Scunthorpe team that extended their lead to finish up the winners by 16 to 2 points (110 to 82 shots) and having reversed the scores from Scunthorpe’s away fixture at Lincoln.

Bill Jackson, Stan Shellard, Dave Saxby and Warwick Wooldridge for Scunthorpe played some excellent bowls to take an early lead of 4 to 2 shots and managed to extend their lead to 9 to 5 shots by the halfway point in the match had been reached. A strong second half of the game from the Scunthorpe rink coupled with maintaining their excellent form provided them with an impressive victory by 27 to 15 shots.

Scunthorpe’s rink of John Rayner, Mike Roots, Tom Whiteley and Ray Robinson soon found themselves leading their Lincoln opponents early in their match with a score-line of 9 to 3 shots. As the game continued the home quartet were in great form and continued to increase their lead in this encounter until the latter ends in the match when the Scunthorpe four maintained their lead and slightly extended it to run out the winners by 28 to 17 shots.

Vinny Bolton, Norman Anderson, Graham Lewis and Phil Boulton for Scunthorpe started well matching their visiting opponents and producing an early score-line of 4 shots each. The Lincoln rink continued to pressure the Scunthorpe rink in the match and edged their way into a lead of 7 to 6 shots in favour of the Lincoln visitors. They were unable to maintain it as the Scunthorpe quartet retook the lead in the second half of the game and held on to secure the victory by 24 to 15 shots.

Scunthorpe’s Barry Holliday, Keith Ellis, Ian Robinson and Alex Mullin started well in their match and were able to ease themselves into a mid-point of the match lead of 9 to 7 shots and managed to extend it with some quality bowls to lead by 14 to 8 shots. As the battle continued the home quartet maintained their lead over their Lincoln opponents to eventually run out the winners by 17 to 14 shots.

The final Scunthorpe rink of Dave Batchelor, Robert Bugg, Ian Pringle and Jim Davidson started by leading their Lincoln opponents by 5 to 3 shots early in their match but by the halfway point in the battle had been reached the visitors had taken the lead by 7 to 6 shots. However in the second half of the game the Lincoln rink opened the throttle and extended their lead to 16 to 10 shots. The Scunthorpe quartet never gave up and carried on trying to regain the lead but unfortunately the visiting Lincoln rink further increased their lead and held on to run out he victors by 21 to 14 shots.

In the Midweek Triples Division One the leaders are the team of Peter Collins on 24 points only 2 points ahead of nearest rivals Graham Lewis’s team on 22 points. The team of Alex Mullin is situated in third place on 19 points followed by fourth placed Tom Whiteley’s team also on 19 points.

An interesting match took place between the teams of Ian Robinson and Len Lammas that developed eventually into a very close encounter with only a single shot separating the victors from the losers. It was the Robinson team that took an early lead of 5 to 2 shots but were unable to extend it as the Lammas trio started to settle into the match pulling the scores back to 5 to 4 shots in favour of the Robinson trio.
As the halfway stage of the match was reached the Lammas trio scored a 3 shot end and followed it with a single shot to take the lead in this hard fought battle by 8 to 6 shots. However the Robinson rink immediately found some extra form winning the next three consecutive ends and scoring a total of 5 shots enabling them to retake the lead by 11 to 8 shots. On the next end the Lammas trio scored 2 shots with some excellent bowling to trail by 11 to 10 shots.
Following this after an end in which both rinks produced some extremely competitive bowls it was the Lammas rink that won the end scoring a single shot to level this intriguing battle at 11 shots each with one end left to play. The final end again produced some excellent bowls with both rinks trying hard to turn the final result in their favour but it was Ian Robinson’s rink that held firm and scored a single shot to secure the victory by 12 to 11 shots after a hard fought match that could have gone either way.

In Division Two Chris Read’s team on 26 points is in first place on the same points as the team of John Parrott also on 26 points who in turn is followed by Eleanor Nicholson’s team on 24 points. Following these teams are the teams of Joan Bolton and Roy Janney both on 23 points.

A match that took place between the teams of Joan Bolton and Roy Janney resulted in well controlled encounter from one team. The Bolton rink started well securing a lead of 8 to 0 shots in the early stages of the match and looking in tremendous form. However the Janney rink soon settled to the rink and started to score shots pulling the scores back to trail by just 8 to 5 shots as this competitive match continued on.
As the halfway stage of the match was reached the Bolton trio maintained their control by extending their lead with some consistent bowls to 12 to 5 shots. By the three quarter stage of the match the Bolton rink had moved into first gear and were now comfortably in control of the game with a lead of 14 to 6 shots.
With just three ends to play the Janney rink found some extra form and with some quality bowls they won the first of these ends scoring a single shot to trail by 16 to 7 shots. Then they followed this up by producing some great bowls to win the penultimate end of the match scoring a total of 2 shots to trail by 16 to 9 shots. On the last end the Joan Bolton trio scored 2 shots to secure victory by a comfortable 18 to 9 shots after a satisfying performance.

The Division Three table has Jim Sugden’s team on 24 points established in the top spot with just a single point separating them from the second placed team of Ken Seymour on 23 points. The team of George Matchett is on 21 points in third place followed closely by the teams of Peter Bennett, Russ Harrison and Ray Brown all on 18 points.

A fascinating encounter took place between the teams of Russ Harrison and Ron Southwick that produced an extremely close finish. The Southwick team started well producing some quality bowls and developing an early match lead of 5 to 1 shots. As the battle progressed on the Harrison trio then started to reduce the Southwick rinks advantage down to just 2 shots at 7 to 5 shots by the halfway stage of the match was reached.
This resurgence of form by the Harrison rink continued into the second half of the battle as they levelled the scores at 7 shots each. This close encounter carried on as the scores moved on to 8 shots each and then 9 shots each leaving just a single end remaining to be played in this enthralling match.
Both rinks threw everything at one another on the final end but as the game finished it was the Russ Harrison rink that withstood the pressure by scoring 2 shots to secure this battle of attrition with a victory by 11 to 9 shots.

Henry Adlard
It's definitely this way
Full house of bowlers

The Evening Pairs Division One sees John Whitwell on 20 points remaining in the top spot with Dave Copley in second place also on 20 points. Rob Skinner is in third place on 18 points followed by Betty Lamplough in fourth place on 17 points and they are being shadowed by Neil Poole also on 17 points.

An extremely close encounter took place when Peter Cox partnered by Graham Lewis met Ray Robinson and Lou Pettitt. This duel produced some competitive bowling from both pairs resulting in a game in which one pair secured 10 shots from four of the final five ends to produce a close finish.
This fascinating battle commenced with the Cox duo developing an early lead of 6 to 2 shots. The match then progressed on with the Cox pair extending their lead with some accurate bowling to 11 to 3 shots as the halfway point in the match was reached. As the battle continued on into the second half both pairs scored a total of 2 shots producing a score-line of 13 to 5 shots still in favour of the Cox duo.
Then the drama developed with some excellent play from the Robinson pair as they scored a total of 10 shots over the next four consecutive ends to come back and take the lead by 15 to 13 shots with just a single end left to play in this exceptional battle. The final end produced some awesome bowls from both pairings and after the last bowl had come to rest as this excellent game finished with the Cox pair collecting 2 shots after some great bowls from them to secure the end and daw the match at 15 shots each.                                                                                              

In Division Two Tom Whiteley on 28 points remains in the top spot 2 points clear of John Fleming on 26 points who is in second place shadowed by Charlie Morris on 22 points sat in third place.

A match between the pairs of Neil Berry partnered by Brian Harrop and Teresa Bennett and partner Mike Roots (Peter Bennett team) produced a game that developed into a real battle of attrition. The Berry pair set off well developing themselves an early advantage of 4 to 1 shots but then the Bennett duo scored a total of 5 shots over the next three ends to trail by 7 to 6 shots.
This fascinating encounter continued on with both pairs bowling well and matching one another in accuracy and competiveness. With just five ends left to play and the Berry pair in the lead by 12 to 9 shots things looked under control. However the Bennett duo were definitely not in the mood for losing this intriguing game and suddenly struck out scoring a total of 7 shots across the next three ends to take a lead of 16 to 12 shots with two ends to play.
With just one end remaining to play the Neil Berry and Brian Harrop pair produced some exceptional play to score 2 shots on this final end leaving Teresa Bennet and Mike Roots to secure the victory by 16 to 14 shots.

Bowls Drives have become a popular event at the Scunthorpe Indoor Bowls Centre and are held every Tuesday at 2.30pm to 4.30pm and every Saturday evening at 6.00pm to 8.00pm. A number of rinks are used and these Drives are attracting numerous bowlers that come to the centre for a social game. Many of the players that take part are non-members and the event provides new friendships, a chance to take part in bowling played in a relaxed and enjoyable manner and also provides gentle exercise for those taking part.

All Action
A great style
An excited 2 shots

Scunthorpe bowlers Paul Grimbleby, Darren Barnard, Steve Burton and Paul Johnson beat R, Meanwell, J. Cliffe, K. Bell and C. Barks (Lincoln) by 20 to 11 shots in the last 16 of the County Men’s Fours to qualify for the County Quarter finals.

The Lincolnshire Indoor Bowls Association (EBF) Men’s Singles Quarter finals and Semi-finals were held at Boston Indoor Bowls Centre last weekend. The only player representing Scunthorpe Bowls Club was local player Paul Grimbleby who put up an excellent performance against Trevor Bannister (Sleaford) in the quarter final. Paul was in devastating form and gave his Sleaford opponent no chance as he went on to win by an outstanding 21 to 3 shots. Paul then followed this match up with another competent performance by defeating Ade Fields (Boston) by 21 to 16 shots in the County Semi-final. Paul will now play Sam Ashton (Lincoln) in the County Final at Louth Indoor Bowls Centre next month.

                                                        BOWLS DRIVE PHOTOS                                                            EBF COUNTY FINALIST

Tony Coakley
A multi-coloured head
Paul Grimbleby

                                                                    FORTHCOMING EVENT

   Thursday February 15th  Scunthorpe Ladies play at home in the Lincolnshire County Ladies League  
                                                        (Trudy Bates) against Horncastle commencing at 1.00pm. 

   Sunday February 18th      Scunthorpe Mixed play away in the Lincolnshire County Mixed League against
                                                        Horncastle commencing at 2.00pm.

   Outdoor League AGM      The Annual General Meeting of the Scunthorpe and District Bowls League                  
                                                        (Outdoor League) will be held at the Scunthorpe Indoor Bowls Centre on
                                                        SATURDAY 24th FEBRUARY 2018 at 1.30pm for a 2.00pm start